Our responsibility

In view of our social responsibility as a company, our outsourced production and the demanding attitude of our customers, we, the company Sattler & Co Inh. E. and W. Faber Gmbh, always adjust our actions corresponding to the following criteria and requirements:

  • Our company will not resort to child labour nor support the same.
  • We will not engage nor support forced labour.
  • Our company will ensure that all requirements are met to a health assurance and work safe workplace.
  • We will maintain the right to association and collective bargaining.
  • Our company will not engage in discrimination, psychological or sexual harassment or support the same.
  • We will not engage in disciplinary action in term of the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical/corporal sanction
    and/or torrent of words nor support the same.
  • Our company will comply with the applicable laws and industry standards on working hours.
  • We will always measure our compensation system against the legal or prescribed by the industry standards and requirements and
    correspond at the least to the minimum requirements.
  • In addition we provide a management system which is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and documentation
    of the requirements listed under point 1. to 8.

We will abide by national and other applicable laws and other requirements signed by our company and comply with the international instruments and their interpretations.

To ensure continuous improvement of the conditions of our employees and suppliers/subcontractors (where necessary sub-suppliers) we want to tackle problems together and take corrective action to develop policies and procedures, which comply to the requirements of compliance with the relevant social norms. Potentially new partners should therefore be evaluated and selected based on their capacity to meet the desired standards

Our policy in this regard is effectively documented, implemented, maintained, communicated and accessible to all employees in an understandable form – including shareholders, management, employees, regardless of whether they are engaged directly by the company, make contract work or represent the company in a different way.

This policy will always be public available.

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