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Welcome to Sattler & Co GmbH. The more than 60-year history of our company reflects the history of the leather goods industry: We produced from 1952 to 1998 in our own premises, after this our small leather goods of various price ranges have been produced by selected partner companies since 1998. Our product range includes: Wallets/ money purses, credit card holders, bank bags, waiter purses, waiter pouches, key bags and much more.

Sustainable and fair

We produce in selected productions. The minimum social standards is as important as fair cooperation with our partners. This is the only way to ensure a sustainable production.

Quality - a matter of control

In terms of quality standards we impose high standards. Every product that leaves our store was previously tested by our staff through their paces. The result: A consistently high quality of our leather goods.

Sattler & Co - Leather goods with quality and style for over 60 years.

"Individual and personalized or for a wide audience" – we adapt to the customer.
With our philosophy, our products and services, we are always up to date.
For our customers. For our employees. For our company.
This is the only way to ensure a secure future."

Arno Schäfer (Managing Director Sattler & Co GmbH)

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